Google did mistake and paid for it.

Google’s street view is a well known feature for it’s users.

Street view is captured by it’s special equipment which can be attached to a vehicle(car) and this vehicle roam around the city and capture with it’s stereo cameras attached to it.

During 2008 to 2010 Google While capturing the location, it also captured the wi-fi networks and users’ personal information, URLs, passwords etc.  Initially, Google said it “collected only fragments of payload data,” but it later said it collected entire e-mails, URLs, and passwords.

Vehicle to capture StreetView

Google paid $7million over a privacy-related complaint regarding its Street View mapping service.

As part of today’s settlement, Google must destroy the data it gathered during that time period. It must also run, for at least 10 years, a training program for employees about privacy and confidentiality of user data, as well as a public campaign to educate consumers about how best to secure their wireless networks.


Microsoft 'Scroogled' Google

Google searches every word in your mail before it reached to your inbox.
that’s the part now Microsoft is aiming to notify.

Now they came with full site and analysis..

What Google does in mail..??

Google scans every word in every mail and offers small advertisements that are related to the content in the mail.

It takes keywords in the mail and populates the ads instantly, that’s how they make money.

Why and how Microsoft is making a note about that?

Microsoft also launched Hotmail services long back before Google, and Google take the leadership of the web-based free mail service.

To take control of the situation Microsoft started/converted it’s new mail services through Now it want to spread through different marketing.

Microsoft is gaining users with the help of windows 8, Sky Drive.

Google is gaining the users with the help of it’s most popular android devices, and it’s many services viz, Google Drive, YouTube. Google has 452 million users and Hotmail has 325 million active users.

Microsoft now prepared full presentation in it’s new web site Scroogled.

What Google is saying about their strategy of giving relevant ads?

Google is giving explanation that it is using it for the right purposes and giving you for the chance of better experience.

It’s all depend on the user perspective to use the mail. If you are a business man you probably not using Google since you won’t wish to read anything in mail. It doesn’t mean that personal users don’t have secrets.  If you don’t accept the fact that Google is making money from your mail and not giving money to you :P, then you definitely change the mail to If you don’t even consider this, it all looks silly.