Watch Dogs…it’s awesome.!!

Looks like we can control anything that surround us with our equipment by entering into others’ personal digital data.
WATCH DOGS. hacking is our weapon. coming in PS4.
watch trailer gameplay.

No mission, no objective. you keep on playing..!!

One interesting video, the thought behind the game.


Criminal Case Facebook game

Criminal Case on Facebook

It was nice game because of it’s screenplay. Nicely edited and narrated game which has 5+ million users per month.

Basically we need to find clues by finding the things in the scene given. These scenes are the part of Case. And these scenes will be unlocked after some intervals of the game play.

You’ll be given with map which will have the case numbers as flags on that. After starting the case we come across few chapters , in which each chapter will consists of many stages like finding key clues in the case and analyzing them. To perform key analysis we need to get stars in the game. And the stars are generated after going to particular scene and finding the objects within time(as quick as possible). And here they are featuring one more position i.e playing with partner. You can select one from the listed one, otherwise you can use default parner too.

In which the selected partner will have the bonus level maximum of 5, where each bonus values has 20000 pts. In case we can’t find any clues, this hint bonus will assest you, and the hint bonus is refilling as time goes on. You can play with one partner once in a day only, to play again with him you need to wait 24hrs. After playing with partner we can send free cards to them.

And for every 24hrs, we will be getting new daily bonus. If we play on consecutive days, we’ll get additional bonus. And we can send free energies to our team mates. we can have snacks to increase energy.

For every up level you can share orange juice with your friends and which will suffice only 3 friends with the shared link. and also you can only get 3 orange juices per day.

Overall it was nice game to just increase your reflexes and exciting one since you are limited with energy (usually none buy energy for few bucks i guess).  It is not just hidden finding game, it is a neat story game.