Code-Uncode : India’s Most Secured Programmer

Code-Unicode is a contest conducted by EC-Council to bring the best secured programmer in India. There will be priliminary, semis, finals.


I. Capacity Building:
To discover talents, provide a platform for programmers to demonstrate their secure programming abilities; encouraging development in the larger field of information security. Besides being a platform that brings secure programmers together the event will also inspire the development of Information security professionals of the future.

II. Strengthen Awareness: 
To educate the Indian community on the issues of insecure programming and encourage further development of the field. Our mission is to spur the growth and raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in the information security domain through the Code Uncode competition.

III. National Footprint: 
To foster friendship and create cohesiveness between secure programmers, whether as an individual, representing a corporation or for a national agency, and encourage frequent exchange of essential information, technology and skills through the competition.

For other details and for registration. click following link.