Code-Uncode : India’s Most Secured Programmer

Code-Unicode is a contest conducted by EC-Council to bring the best secured programmer in India. There will be priliminary, semis, finals.


I. Capacity Building:
To discover talents, provide a platform for programmers to demonstrate their secure programming abilities; encouraging development in the larger field of information security. Besides being a platform that brings secure programmers together the event will also inspire the development of Information security professionals of the future.

II. Strengthen Awareness: 
To educate the Indian community on the issues of insecure programming and encourage further development of the field. Our mission is to spur the growth and raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in the information security domain through the Code Uncode competition.

III. National Footprint: 
To foster friendship and create cohesiveness between secure programmers, whether as an individual, representing a corporation or for a national agency, and encourage frequent exchange of essential information, technology and skills through the competition.

For other details and for registration. click following link.



Galaxy S4 – Life Companion. it’s just good.

Samsung unpacked Galaxy s4 which is similar in design to that of Galaxy s3 and specification reached to another level and they called it as Life Companion.

Like Apple iPhone series, Galaxy too launched with few new modifications. check out what are new features.

img_white_origin_01 img_white_origin_02 img_white_origin_05

New in hardware

Gorilla Glass 3 (new)gorilla

Featuring native damage resistant.

for more charactersitics, check here.

WiFi AC ( new )

IEEE 802.11 ac. It’s new Standard for wireless networks, improving the wifi through put.

Only HTC one and this phone announced that the devices are enabled with this new protocol.

Bluetooth 4.0

4.0 is the latest one, which is termed as Bluetooth Low energy technology.

NFC and MHL 2.0

Near Field Communication. Mobile High Definition Link which is useful to connect to HD devices with both audio and video featured with help of radio waves transmission.

IR Blaster

     To control any IR controlled devices especially like TVs. Of course it is there in many phones.

New in software

Air view/Air gesture.

This is wicked. This is a touch phone and they introduce the feature that u don’t need to touch the screen, just make an air gap between screen and your finger, like just hovering your finger rather than clicking that. Hardly I don’t know where this feature can be used. May be we can get some information about the icon on hovering that..

group play.

This is like having one song and play that song in other galaxy phone, no need to copy the song to all the devices.

Dual Camera

This is cool. How many times you’ve been missed in a group photo when u r asked to take the photo. This feature includes the picture of photographer in the main photo.

smart pause

Damn feature. This is like, the web page will be automatically scrolled after loading. But if user just move his/her face away from phone, magic starts, phone stops scrolling, this was done by phone’s face recognition system.

Drama shot

Allows you to take series of shots and make it in one picture that looks like slow motion dramatic shot.


Sometimes you end up with some unknown person in your beautiful photo. Now you can actually erase someone in the picture who is in the frame by mistake.

sound and shot

It’s good to see the picture with some sound., it will record the sound just before taking the picture.

Some improved Specs.

Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean

2GB Ram.

internal storaga, 16gb, 32 and 64gb.

13mp rear, 2mp front

LTE ofcourse

Super wide Amoled Full Hd Screen with 1920×1080  resolution(441 ppi)

Useful links

Samsung Galaxy S4 microsite.

Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event

Google did mistake and paid for it.

Google’s street view is a well known feature for it’s users.

Street view is captured by it’s special equipment which can be attached to a vehicle(car) and this vehicle roam around the city and capture with it’s stereo cameras attached to it.

During 2008 to 2010 Google While capturing the location, it also captured the wi-fi networks and users’ personal information, URLs, passwords etc.  Initially, Google said it “collected only fragments of payload data,” but it later said it collected entire e-mails, URLs, and passwords.

Vehicle to capture StreetView

Google paid $7million over a privacy-related complaint regarding its Street View mapping service.

As part of today’s settlement, Google must destroy the data it gathered during that time period. It must also run, for at least 10 years, a training program for employees about privacy and confidentiality of user data, as well as a public campaign to educate consumers about how best to secure their wireless networks.

be ready 4 next galaxy.!!

Samsung Galaxy series has been successful for the past few years, and as a extent to the success, it is ready to launch the next big thing, Samsung Galaxy S4.

“The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun. Who’s ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?” the @SamsungMobileUS feed tweeted Monday evening.

samsung’s teaser

Here is official promo for Galaxy S4.

Expected Features

Processor : Samsung Exynos eight-core processor or Qualcomm quadcore processor


Screen : 5inch Super AMOLED+ with 1920×1080 resolution.

Operating System : 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

Rear Camera : 13.1 MP , Full HD Recording 1080p @30fps

Front camera :  3.2Mp, 720p recording.

Battery : 3000mAh

and improved S-Voice and lot more..

Samsung going to reveal the product ( #thenextbigthing) details in thursday event.

Let us see what it will bring out.