Gayle storm and First win for Pune Warriors made the day

12th Match : RCB vs KKR

Gowthi started well with his half century, but next batsmen got out quickly at the end to give the target just 154. Later the predator man Gayle started his work to get 85 runs from just 50 balls with 4 fours and 9 sixes (would you believe that.!!). And a small dispute between Virat Kohli and Gowtham Gambhir, when kohli got out.

Kohli vs Gambhir ( shame )

KKR : 154/8

RCB : 158/2

Result : RCB won by 8 wickets with 15 balls remaining.

13th match : PWI vs RR

After 11 losses, Pune warriors registered their first win. Rahul Dravid again the top scorer in the team with 54 runs from 48 balls and RR set 145 target for warriors. And A Finch and scored winning innings with 64 from 53 balls and stood as player of the match. Rahul Dravid’s and Ross Taylor’s catches are highlights for this match.

RR : 145/5

PWI : 148/3

Result : PWI won by 7 wickets with 8 balls remaining

Next up : DD vs SRH.

Rahul Dravid catch

Ross Taylor catch




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