Dinesh and Rohit’s knock gave huge win for MI

10th Match : MI vs DD

Mumbai Indians

Yes, the time has came to Rohit Sharma to play, he play only selected matches (:P). Thank god we got one more today. 🙂 And Dinesh Kathik, the dedicated man, show his talent with his bat scoring 86 runs from just 48 balls (14 fours and 2 sixes).  Sharma scored 74 with 5 sixes in it. And the hightlight part of the match is Ricky Ponting’s stunning catch. It was good to see, Ponting and Bhajji hugging each other. That’s why many like IPL (though it is a time waste for many of us), cause it can do anything. It can take the talent into the international level.

Ricky Ponting catch

MI : 209/5

DD : 165/9

Result : MI won by 44 runs

Next up : Kings XI vs CSK


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