4-0 White wash completed.

India beat Australia in India with 4-0. Sounds really cool.

But it didn’t happen in one night, there is much strong effort , practice from the players and came back really well after the disappointing series against England.

Fourth and final test has gone crazy and finished in just 3 days. Sir Ravindra jadeja strike australians hard and achieved Man of the match. He bowled really well along with Ashwin and Ojha.

Pujara, the young man stayed there till the end and hit 82 runs in the second innings and helped for cool victory. As usual Dhoni hit the winning shot. 🙂

This final test played with rude words from australians and cool spinning responses from Indian spinners. It’s so cool if somebody criticizes you and you bounce back with your own talent, that’s more like it.Indians done exactly same. It’s not easy to somebody who is on winning side and recieve everything with smile while the rivals are doing whatever they wish to do against us. Really hats off to players who maintain their composure.

Dhoni words,

Dhoni with Border-Gavaskar trophy courtesy:espncricinfo

“I think it was an important series for us, there were a few changes in the side. It was up to the individuals to rise up and do well. I think they all did it, everybody performed. Almost all the pitches were turning, and all the wickets we batted second, we had to face the bowlers in the fourth innings, we all know how difficult that is … This wicket I thought it got slightly better I maybe wrong, I thought yesterday was harder to bat on. the new ball did not turn as much.

“Credit goes to every one, the last one and a half years has not been great for us in Tests, but they showed a lot of character. you need to battle it out. That was the case in this series. We get some time off now – no international cricket – and can regroup before the Champions Trophy.”

This series being a sweet revenge for Indians who lost the test series with 0-4 against Australia. But I don’t know how many of the same Indians were supported the same team India when they are on loosing side.

All the best Team India. Stay hugry for wins, stay foolish wins. That’s what everyone is expecting from you.

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