Bhajji is Back

Congratulations to Team India. Today India won the league match against England by 90 runs. Indian spinners outlasted the England batsmen. They were failed to play good shots in chasing 170 runs set by India. 
One side the wickets were falling. Wherever they are hitting, they were finding fielders hands. Even though the wickets were falling, there was still doubt that would India win this or not? I’m some how sure that, people were in doubt when Dinda gave 16 runs of just 5 balls after first ball wicket. Even I was thinking that England would make 100, sorry India would make them to reach 100. But the result was very good for team India. And most of us need the victory. And most of us in the most of us needed big bigger margins.  
Rohit Sharma got in touch with his play. Again he batted well, which saves him for atleast 10games. Kohli and Gambhir continued their good play.
A great come back for Bhajji and Piyush. And Bhajji was MoM(Man of the Match) for today’s match. After the match, Bhajji said :

It’s been a hard year. Being out of the side. Other boys were doing really well, so it was really difficult for me to make a comeback. For me it was an important game. I hadn’t played international cricket for a full year. Getting a wicket first or second ball gives you a lot of confidence. This award is for my mom and those who have stuck with me. In T20 cricket, it’s important to just read the game. I have tried to cut down my run-up a bit. I was running in too fast, and struggling to find my areas. So I was consciously coming in off a short run, and slowly. This India short is everything for me. I don’t know what I would do if not playing for India. I would like to thank the Essex people too.

Now the team formation is so difficult to the management. Everybody performing well. This is good for Team India. 
India 170/4 (20/20 ov)      R Sharma 55*
England 80 (14.4/20 ov)  H Singh 4/12
— iCNU

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