Apple's Flyover damaged..!!

Apple’s latest feature in iOS6 is Flyover view for Maps, where it shows excellent 3d view of the buildings. Previously the map application was handled by Google. Now Apple trying to put away the dependency with Google(may be it’s ready to take Google’s android os, the next target). And they developed new application.
Now what happened?? it got damaged. The maps are disturbing. 
Statue of liberty — missing 😛
Some Bridges and buildings — damaged
source : TheVerge

Now what Apple is going to do??

It replied 

“We are more than willing to work with Apple to help fix any problems, as we would with any of our customers,” said Caroline Fisher, vice-president of TomTom’s consumer business unit. 

There is a difference between a map and an app. We don’t develop the app. We license the map data, which is like a foundation. The customer can build on top of that, but we license the same mapping data to all our customers,” said TomTom media manager Cem Cohen

Ofcourse Apple’s flyover is competition to Google’s Street view, but Apple should be careful in releasing applications. Rather it would say it’s a beta version :P.

 — iCnu 

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